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In addition to the reports that look into the future there are Natal reports that calculate the exact position of all the planets at the time of your birth and from these calculations a picture can be formed of the forces that helped to make you who you are.These in-depth analyses of peoples hidden emotions and motivations can be a great help in understanding why we do the things that we do.

Get through the free registration process and find your love!The stars have held a fascination for mankind since at least the Bronze Age and probably much further back than that.Apart from their natural beauty which has led many people to study the physical aspects of the heavens, the stars have long been used to predict future events in peoples lives.Forecasts can be purchased for periods of time from as short as one day up to a detailed look at the next 12 months.These reports are able to go into more detail as they take into account not only the sign of the zodiac under which you were born, i.e.

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