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10 and said they hoped the event would help people become aware of the circumstances and backgrounds of the girls who engage in prostitution.One of the girls told the news conference, "Police only take the children who are in vulnerable positions into custody and reprimand them (for involvement in the sex industry), but we want them to warn the adults who buy girls." Another girl said she thought she was not alone after learning that there were other girls who have experienced the same as she has. The admission fee is 1,500 yen for adults and free of charge for children of high school age or under.Aside from the vanity of the girls, some of them lack care and they want to gain love and seek warmth from others.Many of them are in lack of parental care or parents rarely care about what they are doing.Parents should spend time talking with their children and have family day with them even if they are busy. The government, parents, social workers and the police should join hands to tackle the problems and protect our future pillars.

In this money-minded society, the girls fall into the desire of money and vanity.The money is spent on brand name products and high-tech products including LV bags, Gucci and IPhone.It is greed and vanity triggering the girls downfall.I got an abortion and then started sleeping at homes of random men," reads an account by one of the girls participating in the exhibition, while another one says, "People who were willing to let me stay after I left home were either men buying me or customers or scouts at sex-related operations." Another exhibition piece says, "My boyfriend started making money off of me." The exhibition also features pictures of streets and hotel hallways where the girls would hang around to get customers to convey their feelings.The pictures were taken by photographer Yuki Morita who had talked to the girls involved in such businesses about their experiences.

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