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I wonder if I have gotten to the point of no return. I wonder if I have gotten to the point of no return. I'm not working now so it's really easy for me to fall into the trap of only leaving the house when I feel like it.

And for awhile there when dad was in hospice I even started a meetup group but then after he died I cancelled it.

Eventually the place gets built and than ennui sets in. The problem now is age has made that more difficult.

But when I need some time to sort my own thoughts, and totally get away from everyone, I decide to shut myself at home and be by myself.

And since my work is mainly online, I have no problems.

I haven't tried to meet anyone new, because that is a distraction and takes time. I'm working some Fri and Sat nights till 8pm or just resting and thinking of my goals.

I find it helpful not to feel isolated to just get out and do things alone. Take your laptop to a coffee shop and drink some coffee and surf the net. And in reality, I haven't always made the best friends.

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