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In 2019, carbon dating of samples from the Adichanallur archaeological site, in a village on the banks of the Thamirabarani River in Thoothukudi district of southern Tamil Nadu showed that the Tamil civilization dates back to at least 900 BC.

urbanisation and mercantile activity along the western and eastern coasts of what is today Kerala and Tamil Nadu led to the development of four large Tamil political states, the Cheras, Cholas, Pandyas and Pallavas and a number of smaller states, all of whom were warring amongst themselves for dominance.

Meet loads of available single women in Chennai with Mingle2's Chennai dating services!Scripts brought by Tamil traders to Southeast Asia, like the Grantha and Pallava scripts, induced the development of many Southeast Asian scripts such as Khmer, Javanese Kawi script, Baybayin and Thai.The Tamil language is one of the oldest extant written languages, with a history dating back to 300 BCE.The Jaffna Kingdom, inhabited by Sri Lankan Tamils, was once one of the strongest kingdoms of Sri Lanka, and controlled much of the north of the island.Tamils were noted for their influence on regional trade throughout the Indian Ocean.

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