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There’s no doubt about it – suggesting “a drink” is the easiest approach to asking someone out for the first time.

Especially if you’ve never actually met the person IRL.

If I think I’m going to really be into the person I won’t drink for at least the first half of the date so I can see if I actually like him, or it’s wine that I like,” she said.instead of going out for drinks on a first date?

Well, coffee’s always a safe option, a gig/event/comedy show could be fun, the movies (classic), an activity like bowling or laser tag, a walk, checking out a market, brunch, the beach, brunch AT the beach.

It’s the perfect low-key catch-up if the thought of sitting through a whole dinner gives you the palm sweats.

It’s also a sure-fire way to settle any nerves, and doesn’t require committing your entire night to one person if things… You see “a drink” doesn’t specify It’s a trap I’ve fallen into on so many occasions, and a trap I’m sure others out there have, too.

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