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She asked me if I would mind a fart in the face jokingly I said "Sure ok, that's normal" So later on she sat on my face while I was lying down I was struggling and pretending to suffocate. Then some really warm silent ones she asked if my face was warm and I replied saying "it's like a sauna get off! I asked you in another thread to elaborate, but then I just ran into these posts, which sound awesome. Have her eat AT LEAST 3 Fiber One bars and about ten dried apricots.

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Then she actually had to shit so she went to the bathroom which is next to my room and I would wait by the door silently hearing the echoing bassy farts going into the toilet bowl.

I would jokingly knock acting like I had to pee and she would say as a joke "You may want to go outside, just saying" and after she got out I ran in and it was an almost eggy smell and i came out coughing and she said "I told you not to go in" And she farted and said it was a consequence for not listening to her.

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