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I want to have a "family" and, honestly, I don't want that to include his ex-wife.

His daughter is certainly included (if she wants to be), but do I have a right to insist that holidays are not spent with the ex? -Maybe Later I'll Feel Differently Dear Maybe Later-First off, let me apologize for responding to your question on December 28th, but since Christmas lasts until January 6th, you may still be waiting for my answer.

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My question is about the relationship he has with his ex-wife and their daughter.

The daughter is 19 and goes to college on the other side of the country. But, what do you feel is an appropriate relationship for all of us to have?

I like a little time alone with you during the holidays. As she gets older and gets involved in career, relationships, and perhaps marriage and children, she may require even less (if she gets married, she'll probably be expected to spend some of the holidays with her husband's family).

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