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Vesicular glutamate transporter (VGlut) encodes a glutamate transporter belonging to SLC family of transporters.It localizes to synaptic vesicles in either glutamatergic or dopaminergic nerve terminals.The study was piloted on a medical unit that had a history of low patient satisfaction scores resulting from what was reported on surveys as a high volume noise level with the most amount of 4-bedded rooms.The patient population is diverse, with a mixture of geriatric patients, palliative patients, as well as adult patients with psychiatric comorbidities and/or substance abuse.This article will focus on the music therapy element of Project Sleep: a multidisciplinary quality improvement project utilizing non-pharmacological methods to improve quality of sleep for patients during hospitalization.In this pilot study, we will examine the potential impact and effectivity of music in enhancing quality of sleep by introducing music therapy as a safe, cost effective and culturally sensitive intervention.

Highest expression is found in the dorsoanterior and centroanterior compartments.

(Adapted from PMID:23506876, PMID:20059771 and FBrf0217562). Strong expression of VGlut is seen in cells similar to alpha-processes of the amacrine neurons or possibly like beta-processes of T1 neurons.

Weak VGlut expression is seen in cell bodies in the chiasma between lamina and medulla in a position corresponding to the amacrine cells.

It has been associated with neurodegenerative processes, regulation of basal and stimulant-induced locomotion, as well as the loading of glutamate and dopamine neurotransmitters into synaptic vesicles and vesicle co-transmission.

[Date last reviewed: 2018-10-04] Solute carrier family 17 (SLC17) members are transmembrane transporters of amino acids (glutamate and aspartate), nucleotides and organic anions.

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