Wpf progressbar binding not updating

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The code in the Do Work event handler is executed on a separate thread.Providing Parameters to the Process Your background process may required one or more parameters, such as the address of a file to download.Putting It All Together Lets say I have a time consuming task in my application.I want to execute this time consuming task on a background thread, but I also want to show a modal progress dialog that shows a message and the percent of the completed task.

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Dispatcher provides two main methods that you will use; Invoke and Begin Invoke.

You can provide a parameter in the Run Worker Async method that will be available as the Argument property in the Do Work event handler.

Returning a Value from the Process You might want to return a value from a background process, such as a result from a calculation.

Both methods allows you to call a method safely on the UI thread.

The Begin Invoke method allows you to call a method asynchronously, and the Invoke method allows you to call a method synchronously.

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