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Macros This guide is an updated version of my Cataclysm equivalent which can be found here: page=1 1.

Personally I mostly use this kind of build for random battlegrounds and arena: Tier 1: Juggernaut Tier 2: Second Wind Tier 3: Piercing Howl Tier 4: Shockwave Tier 5: Safeguard Tier 6: Stormbolt I'll explain talents tier by tier below: Tier 1: Juggernaut is the only choice from this tier because it increases your mobility so much that it's mandatory to have.

Double-time let's you charge twice in a row but after that you will struggle to maintain your uptime because of long cooldown of Charge so you should never pick up it or Warbringer from this tier.

Tier 2: Second Wind is the best option here because you don't have to pay attention to it and it gives you nice healing below 35% health without sacrificing rage or globals to heals.

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It is like smart boomkins glyphing for Starfall in PVE. Same concept, you don't want to use Intim Shout in an expansion that provides you to CC from tanks taking too much damage and healers not having the regen to mindless spam heals.This is a basic guide for Warrior Pv P and I¡¯m going to focus mainly on Arms spec here. Enchants: Shoulders: 200 Str 100 Crit (Greater Tiger Fang Inscription) Cloak: 180 Crit (Superior Critical Strike) Chest: 200 Pv P Resilience (Super Resilience) Wrist: 170 Str (Exceptional Strength) Hands: 170 Str (Super Strength) Waist: Living Steel Belt Buckle Legs: 285 Str & 165 Crit (Angerhide Leg Armor) Feet: 140 Mastery & Movement speed bonus (Pandaren¡¯s Step) Weapon: Dancing Steel (if you¡¯re low on gold use Windsong instead) 4.It is based pretty much on my own personal experiences through this and previous expansions and any constructive criticism and/or tips are appreciated. Talents: One of the biggest changes in Mists of Pandaria are the new talent trees and their versatility.The colors used in Glyphs are colors of the class for which they are meant.Glyphs are optional and not vital to game completion, although they may provide an edge.

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