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Blue sky, the weather was nice and warm (almost 80 degrees!

), and the bright blue Mediterranean Sea stretched out in front of us–it couldn’t have been more picture perfect!

Back at FRC headquarters, Yoest took the podium, standing in front of a lush blue curtain, wearing a black leather jacket over a T-shirt that made her look brasher than she does in her more typical blouses.

They know both the strengths and dangers of these communities, and see how frequently the mainstream press downplays or misrepresents their influence.“It’s strange that people are just learning that the Duggars are ATI now,” said former homeschooler Ryan Stollar over the phone, referring to the conservative Advanced Training Institute (ATI) curriculum that the Duggars used.

This particular morning, he was reporting via a sometimes-faulty live feed to Pro Life Con, happening at the Family Research Council headquarters nearby.

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It was all in Hebrew but we could pick out a few words here and there, and the overall tone sounded pretty tense.

I think Cam and I were both a little nervous about everything as we knew a full out war breaking out in Israel during our visit could be a possibility.

Also, Hamas was firing long range rockets towards Tel-Aviv (not ideal for a vacation), but at this point most of the conflict was taking place in Gaza, which is located further south.

She considers the Hobby Lobby case (), in which the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a religious company’s right to limit employee birth control options, to be among AUL’s victories.

Other wins include laws that require women to make an extra doctor’s visit 24 to 72 hours before having an abortion, instituted in 14 states.

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