Windows media player constantly updating media library

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The main dashboard displays all the video files found on your device. To choose what is shown in the media library: and browse through the folders. First, uncheck the root folder like “Internal memory”.

And you just want to remove them from the first screen of the app.

Therefore, you’ll probably want that setting disabled, in order to fix the Media Streaming error.

For that, you’ll be needing Administrative permission on your PC.

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From within the ‘Refresh Media Library’ folder double click the file (this will copy the needed files to your “Program Files” folder and drop the shortcut on your desktop).3.Once installed you can safely delete the ‘Refresh Media Library’ folder. Many users prioritize Windows Media Streaming feature before third-party streaming solutions.That’s an obvious choice if you rather place your trust in built-in Windows features.However, it seems that Media Streaming isn’t working for some users in Windows 10.

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