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Older Couples: New Romances: Finding and Keeping Love in Later Life, a book by Edith Ankersmit Kemp and Jerrold Kemp.This is a must read for those interested in a realistic and hopeful perspective on the challenges facing older singles and couples.

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About Blog I'm the mother of three, grandmother of two, slave of two demanding cats. Now that Tom is gone, I'm working hard to pick up the pieces. About Blog My name is Kristin and at the age of 51 I unexpectedly became a widow. My purpose for writing my memoir, 'A Widow's Pursuit', is to encourage other young widows, that life goes on as we make new and joyful memories. I became a widow at age 35 when my husband, Tom, died at age 37. About Blog I was widowed at 34 years of age, with 2 young daughters, 6 and 7 years old. About Blog Writings and rantings of a reluctant widow finding her way back to herself. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes humorous, and always genuine. In 2016, Tanya started the A Widows World blog where she shares her eleven year perspective and experience in widowhood and as a re-married widow. Since May 2016 Blog awidows.world Facebook fans 1,049. Show 21 to 52 CONGRATULATIONS to every blogger that has made this Top Widow Blogs list! About Blog One woman's real-time journey of grief after losing the only man she ever loved. Their blog gives guidance for managing financial items and self care for widows. Since Jun 2015 Blog wealthcare4Facebook fans 5,133. About Blog Tanya Smith is a blogger and widow advocate.

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