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The two were together for several years and took a few breaks before they split for good.It was rumored that Lido not only worked with her on her album was given its name after the number of a hotel room they shared when they met.While not a dealbreaker, you’ll definitely deal with these challenges and more: It’s exhausting.Being a 24/7 cheerleader and life coach takes a lot out of you.But if your Stylecaster reporter can’t tell you the truth, who can? PEOPLE reports the spent the day holding hands and getting cozy well into the night.“Like a dating couple, they always walked very closely, holding hands and their arms touching side-by-side.” Seems Ryan, who has a thing for older women—he famously dated Sandra Bullock who is 16 years his senior— is returning to his ? I love you but it’s time to bust out of your comfort zone.

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You’ll always be thinking of new ways to cheer him up, you’ll spend hours talking through his next steps and you’ll have to think of new ways to motivate him to reach his goals.He’s pretty much perfect and exactly what you’re looking for and you feel lucky to be dating a guy you’re so well-matched with.There’s just one small problem: he’s still trying to get his act together, metaporically speaking, in life.Of course you don’t mind being there for him because you know he’d do the same for you, but it’s not going to be easy. Constantly encouraging someone else to reach their full potential will often distract you from reaching yours.If you’re fulfilled in your career, financially stable, and your head is at a good place, you’re in the perfect position to move forward.

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