Who nelly dating now

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It looks like the same internet site confirms that they are really dating, because they rely on one source.

If Nelly girlfriend gets along with his family as good as it seems that she would be perfect for him as a wife also.

It appears that during this event she has been together with his family and it does not take any event for Nelly girlfriend to be spending time with his relatives and that is a nice thing to do.

Kelly Rowland stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday to premiere her new video for ‘Can’t Nobody’. TRL: A member of one of the world’s biggest groups well into her solo career now with her second krid yo we’ll world premiere give it up, y’all for kelly rowland[Cheering]TRL: What ‘up, girl?

The Destiny’s Child star says she’ll be working on her birthday coming up next Tuesday, and said if she wins a Grammy along with Nelly with ‘Dilemma’, she’ll party with Nelly — but she insists she’s not dating him.

And there are plenty of pictures on the internet that prove that they have great relationship.

She is the lady who is current girlfriend of Nelly but not wife; because till he has not decides to married.

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