Who is pia getty dating

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She confessed to her mother-in-law that it was possible that was HIV positive.

Ms Taylor was incredibly reassuring and comforting.

People who know their movie history might know who the mother of the two young men was… There was also the problem that, as two rich kids, they did not have the struggles that most young married couples have to go through to bond the the relationship.

A wedding between the son of one of the most famous women in America and the granddaughter of one of the richest men in the world was bound to be quite an undertaking and the logistics seemed impossible so, with their parents’ knowledge, the couple eloped and were secretly married at a wedding chapel on Sunset Strip. Aileen later said that she became insecure when her parents were divorced and that the five month kidnapping ordeal of her brother Paul had made her realise distrust her family — and the family wealth. Miscarriages, another nervous breakdown and a several week disappearance were to follow.

Later, she dropped out of the University of Southern California and did what most rebels of her day enjoyed – creating controversial artworks, protesting against the Vietnam war and using a good deals of drug, in particular cocaine which was favoured by the rich and famous. She lived for a while with a jazz pianist and then with a film director but soon became sidetracked by someone else and decided to marry.

She had been spending time with a young man called Michael Wilding Jr and had got to know his younger brother, Christopher.

In 2014 she was honoured with the Elizabeth Taylor Leadership Award.

Aileen was horrified when she found out more about AIDS during the vacation.

It made her aware of various risks she had taken in the past.

After Gail and Jean Paul split up, Gail went to live with a man you Aileen resented.

She was brought up in Italy but as a teenager sent to boarding school in England.

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