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The couple closed the foundation in March 2013 because they wanted to take what Philip called a “behind the scenes” approach to helping children.Rivers told NBC San Diego in a statement: Tiffany and I have seen great things happen in the last four years with the public foundation and now we want to continue to expand our personal efforts for these purposes.She has not announced that either she will tie the knot to him or not.As she will get marriage we will update it here soon.As the San Diego Union-Tribune reported at the time, Philip was prepared to miss the baby’s birth so he could play in the Chargers’ game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.But Tiffany ended up not giving birth until San Diego’s bye week, allowing Philip to be there to welcome the family’s newest addition.From the U-T: A quick aside: As Tiffany Rivers was preparing to give birth last week, Philip Rivers was preparing to give the Jacksonville Jaguars something else to talk about.

It’s amazing the gift you’re able to give each other when you do get married and you’ve been in this pure state and in the battle together. It’s not “oh this is easy, let’s be this way, we’re good.” It’s hard every day. And what I’ve founded out is it doesn’t end when you get married. We practice natural family planning and it can be hard as ever sometimes.In keeping with the Church’s teachings, Philip and Tiffany waited until after they got married to have sex.You can hear Philip talk about the couple’s commitment to “remaining pure” in the video about from the Chastity Project.I have reason to believe they kept it going for quite some time, but broke up some time ago.Josie was rooting for the Buckeyes up to October of 2014, albeit she was rooting for one of the other guys on the team for some reason.

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    They have lived under our control (though we won't agree) for years now and they are looking for space and freedom now.