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BMI has long been used as a way to track how healthy an individual is.Standing for Body Mass Index, it compares a person’s weight with their height in order to separate them into a certain category. This fatal disease was first discovered in the USA in the year 1981 and so far it is responsible for millions of death worldwide.Read on and learn 5 ways to improve your skin tone!Drink more water [caption id="attachment_40928" align="alignnone" width="600"] Source: Pick the brain[/caption] Drinking water is the easiest, cheapest, and the most natural way to improve your skin tone. I will share some of my journeys with you about my own experience with Ketogenic diets as it relates to what we put in our mouths and the impact that it can have on our mental state.

And it is not just the physical health that gets affected. Good skincare habits are actually vital for your health.

You may have very well-toned arms and waistline but the bulge at the back can ruin your look and sometimes get embarrassing. Biker jewelry is a trendy stuff that gives you all the attention, mental balance, and satisfaction you’ve always wanted.

Biker Pieces of jewelry are great style aspects that give bikers a common theme. Bikers are ardent motorcycle fans that shouldn’t be confused with regular motorcyclists....

It delays natural aging and prevents a medley of skin problems.

Thankfully, you don’t have to shell out tons of cash just to achieve a healthy complexion.

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