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In May 1995, a meeting in Prague between Mogilevich and Sergei Mikhailov, head of the Solntsevo group, was raided by Czech police.

The occasion was a birthday party for one of the deputy Solntsevo mafiosi.

Either way, these people with clearly too much time on their hands need to sit down somewhere.

And seriously, I’m wondering what Erica thinks about this mess.

She had a interview about the hit rap song, she says she had no idea it was about a No b.s zone!

Her 2 hit viral videos are seen on Instagram and Youtube and a great way to get out some laughing energy trying to understand today’s hip-hop music.

In 2003, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation put Mogilevich on the "Wanted List" for participation in the scheme to defraud investors in Canadian company YBM Magnex International Inc.

You can watch the full video of her version of “Hookah” (below).

Posted on Instagram, Tracee tries to rap to Tyga & Young Thug’s track “Hookah.

She had also done a video before raping to “No Flex Zone” weeks ago.

Mogilevich was also suspected of participation in large-scale tax fraud, where untaxed heating oil was sold as highly taxed car fuel – one of the greatest scandals that broke around 1990–1991.

Estimates are that up to one-third of fuels sold went through this scheme, resulting in massive tax losses for various countries of Central Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland).

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