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Sure enough, once Paul is gone, the evil forces inhabiting the house turn onto the rest of the family.In desperation, the Parkers contact psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren for help.An exorcism is performed which banishes the demon from the house.Note: This story was the basis of the 2009 film The Haunting in Connecticut.The family believe that there's more to the Dark Figure than just a child's active imagination, after Heidi awakens one night with claw marks on her face.Shortly after this incident, her father Andy suffers the same scratches on his side.In 1988, the Wyrick family moves into a new home, which was mysteriously abandoned by the previous owners.Shortly afterward, their four-year-old daughter Heidi begins spending time with an imaginary friend, a kindly old man named Mr. Several months later, Heidi is frightened by the appearance of a man at the front door.

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Paul begins seeing evil entities, including four dark men and a demon called the "Man in the Suit", and his mental health worsens while his physical health begins to improve.Arnold and Ginger Hinshaw, as well as their children move into the mansion but begin to experience unexplainable phenomena.Their lives are further complicated when Arnold becomes increasingly hostile and insane.Nancy becomes genuinely alarmed following a dream featuring an elderly woman who cackles with delight as her family tries to escape the burning house.Only with the help of a trans-medium and Nancy's brother doing some research on the house's past, the family learns the truth of the old woman's past life as a slave owner and the previous owners after her, had at one or more family members die.

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