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On the contrary, you should look at this as a way for both parties to gain some perspective and re-center yourselves. Spending some time apart will give you time to focus on what is important, while allowing you to miss each other again.Rekindling the flames of passion is just as important to a relationship as it is to be in each other’s faces all the time.Our first date lasted the entire day because we were having so much fun. Our first date lasted the entire day because we were having so much fun. I say trust your instincts, but with a little caveat: Sometimes our instincts tell us what we want to hear, not what we're actually perceiving. More on Dating Men at Breaking Up: How To End A Relationship That Isn't a Relationship Hook-Up Question: What Happened to Foreplay?! If your other instinct—that there is definitely chemistry here and that you guys have a connection—is on point, he's going to make time for you. If he's not, well that's sucks, but your instinct will be better honed for next time.

Needing space does not necessarily mean that he’s cheating.) and off of you by having some really good girlfriends, or close people that you can talk with and get support the way that works for you.We all have differences, and we all benefit from having multiple sources of support and nurturance in our lives.Perhaps he just wants to zone out and catch up on video games. Whatever his reasons are for wanting some space away from you, you need to respect his wishes if you want to keep him.No woman wants to initiate the space-giving conversation, and it is completely normal to not pay any attention to the signs that he gives off.

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