What does xm updating mean

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And as a explanation for why this example uses CData (and not the appropriate pub Data and dc:creator tags): this is for website display using a RSS widget for which we have no real formatting control.

This enables us to specify the height and position of the included image, format the author names and date correctly, and so forth, without the need for a new widget.

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I'm still trying to make the article look a little better.

Don't hesitate to make changes that improve the article, and add news items as they come up.

Also, there is no mention of the FCC ignoring a prime rule of granting the two available satellite broadcasting licenses, that if there was a merger one of the licenses would have to be returned to the public.

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This article is within the scope of Wiki Project Companies, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of companies on Wikipedia.To sum up, the article is not balanced and reflects more the opinions of those in favor of the merger, with major facts omitted.--Stilleon (talk) , 5 June 2008 (UTC) I added info on the C3SR, as they are certainly relevant here - however, there is no article and I don't really have time to put one up at the moment.Such open fields can have any data which does not strictly fall under basic data type or xml defined custom data types.Like -- .-- You may have a requirement to pass it as it is without being interpreted by the xml parser as another child element. By declaring as Cdata you are telling the parser don't treat the data wrapped as an xml (though it may look like one ) Thank you for your interest in this question.

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