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TIP : to see your ip address # ip addr show eth0 Partition your target installation media (here it’s /dev/sda for me).Just for the sake of changing a bit we will use cfdisk instead of fdisk.

Login as regular user “guest” $ cat setxkbmap fr & urxvt & exec lwm EOF and start X $ startx Right now the whole system uses approx. Installing and configuring the web browsers It may be interesting to install several web browsers (Firefox, Chromium, Opera, and Surf) and let the user chose which one he wants to use (see that later) Note : Surf ( ) is a minimalist, fast non-tabbed webkit-based browser.

Now boot the system with the usb drive (32 or 64 bits, the choice is yours).

When booted, you are presented with a short message and a root prompt, let’s begin installation.

” sleep 1 done # this is never executed exit 0 (make sure /usr/bin/Xorg has the setuid bit set, this is normally the default in Arch) # chmod u s /usr/bin/Xorg Now reboot your system and see.

Optimizations It is possible to gain a great amount of boot time by using several techniques.

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