Very cheap chat lines

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It turned out, it is not that easy to connect your Glip account to a third-party app.

For instance, when we’ve tried to integrate it with Confluence, we’ve faced the eight-steps process along with several lines of code we had to insert somewhere. We’ve tried contacting the support center, but it didn’t help either.

Glip offers more built-in options while in Slack with its numerous integrations and customizations, you basically design the tool that works best for your team’s workflows.

Glip lets you create and assign to-do lists in ‘Tasks’, schedule meetings and set deadlines in Glip’s shared calendar, keep track of your notes and thoughts in the Notes app.

We found ourselves being members of different teams.

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You’ll be offered Smart Reply suggestions to reply with.

When you are a freemium user in Slack you face strict limits of message history as well as a number of integrations.

For a change, Glip doesn’t limit you much in its free plan.

Glip video conferences take place in Ring Central Meetings.

Unlike Slack, where video conferencing feature is built-in, you need to download this software to make video calls.

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