Vb net force validating event

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m_Sqlstr = "Select Distinct RFID, Prod_Code, Lot_No From Scan Stk Where Batch No = '" & str Batchno & "' " m_Sql Cmd = New Sql Command(m_Sqlstr, Con) Con. Close Connection) With m_Bindingsrc Detail While RFIDReader.

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However, if the user doesn't edit in any textbox on the form and click the Save button directly, the textbox's Validating event won't be raised. The only way I've found to do | this is to cycle through every control and call it's . This | is clunky though because you can see a flash in each text box as it's being | validated. Select() | End if | Next c | End Sub | | Each control has code in their Control_Validating event that fires off an | errorprovider.

This exam objective covers the Error Provider control and various other input validation techniques. NET Framework adopts the Windows structured exception handling model. If you feel the need to create custom Exception classes to meet specific requirements of your application, you can derive from the Application Exception class.

Every program must validate the data it receives before it proceeds with further data processing or storage.

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