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This style promotes discussion empowering the interviewee to have confidence to "fight back" when his/her opinion is questioned.

The second, Dialogue and Power, focuses on the inherent power struggle between the interviewer and the interviewee.

In fact, member checks are not consistent with the philosophy of non positivistic qualitative research methods.

See positivism for more information on philosophy of approach.

Thus, without allowing participants to validate the accuracy of their findings, one-sidedness will become a major concern.

Since the most important issue in evaluating the rigor of qualitative research is trustworthiness, using the strategy of member checks, (along with other techniques such as independent audit, prolonged engagement, triangulation, peer debriefing), is critical to minimizing distortion.

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The participants either affirm that the summaries reflect their views, feelings, and experiences, or that they do not reflect these experiences.

Prolonged engagement aids in the ability to detect and account for distortions that might be in the data.

It also helps to become oriented to the situation so content is appreciated and the researcher builds trust.

The researcher constantly checks his or her understanding of the phenomenon by utilizing techniques such as paraphrasing and summarization for clarification.

It is best to ask permission to visit the participant again at the time of the unstructured interview.

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