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Microsoft Outlook), and the Yahoo IMAP servers ( to make everything work correctly.

First, you will need to download Yahoo IMAP Connector.

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* Back Up Device o Initiates a backup of all supported Black Berry Protect data Requirements: * The end user must already have Black Berry Protect installed and be logged in on their device for these features to be available in the Black Berry Email Administration console. However the BES/Google has 2 way sync of all PIM's (Memo's and Tasks where BIS does not.) Plus you would still lack all the security features provided by BES. In BIS 3.2 an additional email will be sent to users 1 day prior to their token expiration with the same message that will link to a KB article with written and video instructions for how to revalidate their account *Does not apply to users who have integrated a Windows Live Hotmail email address and use the POP protocol Black Berry Email Administration Tool As part of BIS 3.2, carrier administrators will now be able to perform Black Berry Protect remote administration commands from within the Black Berry Email Administration console.The four Black Berry Protect functions that carrier administrators will be able to perform on behalf of Black Berry users (who have a Black Berry Protect account) are: activate a loud ring on the users device, lock the users device, create a message that will be displayed on the main screen of the users device and backup the information on the users device: * Loud Ring o Makes the device ring for 1 minute o Sets the device profile to Loud * Display Message o Allows a carrier administrator to update the homes screen of the Black Berry to display a message. If found, please contact me at 123-456-7890 * Lock Device o If a password is already set on the Black Berry, carrier administrators will be able to lock the device using the existing password o If a password is not set, carrier administrators will be able to lock the device using an automatically generate a new password.*At this time, users who have a username and password and access their BIS account from their Black Berry using the email setup application will not be affected.The email setup application allows a BIS user to remember their credentials, which also helps eliminate the need for users to remember their credentials User Interface Changes Previously, WAP users were not able to view the password for their integrated accounts when switching to a new Black Berry handheld.

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