User novell webaccess not updating

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If you like to play with this non-integrated calendar you can go to my site use the Calendar link at the bottom of the Main menu.The following things now need to be done to integrate the calendar into Moodle:1) there needs to be a script that creates a calendar for each Moodle user and one for each Moodle course and layers the course calendars into the user calendars.Installation of Web Calendar is very unproblematic.I unzipped it into a calendar subdirectory of my moodle directory, put the details of the moodle database into Web Calendars config file, created the required tables using a supplied file, placed a Web link to the calendar onto the Moodle home page and it worked straightaway.I have had a look at available PHP calendars and it seems to me that Web Calendar fits our requirements very well.In addition to user calendars it allows non-user calendars.It has been identified that POA was quite unreliable to send notification slaps to Web Access over UDP protocol.

Make also sure that a firewall is opened for TCP communication on port 8500 (slap port defined in file) so TCP slaps from POA will reach Web Access which typically sits in DMZ.Each user could have the calendars of all the courses they are enrolled in layered onto their calendar.That way they will have all the relevant Moodle dates visible in their calendar but can also add any events of their own.When you delete a message, it does not disappear until you refresh the page A workaround is to edit the file and search for SOAP.parameter replace default by actual IP address on which Web Access server shall listen to.

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