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The report describes overall prevalence of sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence victimization by sex; racial/ethnic variation in prevalence; how the type of perpetrator varies by violence type; and the age at which victimization typically begins for each violence type.For intimate partner violence, this report also examines a range of negative impacts experienced as a result of victimization, including the need for various community and health services.Among male victims who were made to penetrate a perpetrator, an estimated 71.0% were victimized before age 25 years (21.3% before age 18 years). adults experienced sexual violence, stalking, or intimate partner violence during the 12 months preceding the 2011 survey.

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This report examines these three forms of violence from the second year of NISVS data collection.

In addition, primary prevention of intimate partner violence is focused on the promotion of healthy relationship behaviors and other protective factors, with the goal of helping adolescents develop these positive behaviors before their first relationships.

The early promotion of healthy relationships while behaviors are still relatively modifiable makes it more likely that young persons can avoid violence in their relationships.

Breiding, Division of Violence Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, CDC. Problem/Condition: Sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence are public health problems known to have a negative impact on millions of persons in the United States each year, not only by way of immediate harm but also through negative long-term health impacts.

Before implementation of the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) in 2010, the most recent detailed national data on the public health burden from these forms of violence were obtained from the National Violence against Women Survey conducted during 1995–1996.

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