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Please make sure that your new php folder name is not "PHP". Simply go to each of your databases and click on the export tab at the top.

May be you can use filder name as the version name. Export them as sql (or whatever, really - just remember what you chose). Now, in the new version of XAMPP, create the databases that you want to re-insert.

I tried to download the latest PHP version from the main PHP site but when I check (phpinfo) I still get that the previous version is still in use.

You can go through the following link as it helped me, should work for you as well.

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I would like to know how you upgrade PHP in Xampp for Windows?

Place the copy someplace outside of your php My Admin directory, so you can bring it back here in a bit!

4.) Download the Newest Version of php My Admin Navigate to phpmyadmin.net, download the most recent version of php My Admin. 5.) Put the New Files in Place Go to your current php My Admin directory, delete all the files in there.

Read more » Apache Friends is a non-profit project to promote the Apache web server and is home to the XAMPP project.

I dont think you can just upgrade the components of XAMPP individually unless there is a facility provided for this within XAMPP itself. Change the following variables: Variable PHPINIDir to be / Varaible Load Module to be //php5apache2_2Save the file If your server get restarted successfully then your server php version is upgraded.

download your desired version of php binary from website. Unzip the downloaded version of the PHP in a separate folder. I don't have enough reputation to comment yet, but, to add to ssharma's answer: After you copy your htdocs folder to a safe place, just export your databases from PHPmyadmin.

Example: you have a database named 'test' that you exported from your old installation, name the new, empty database the same thing.

Now, go into 'test' and hit the import button along the top (right next to the export button).

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