Updating webshots with new smile app

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Note that free accounts do not qualify for real support, only FAQ browsing.There is a clause in there stating they reserve the right to delete photos for accounts inactive for longer than 6 months. My account has certainly not been inactive for more than 6 months.I have only noticed a few dozen that went missing, and these were in older rather than recent albums.I am also going to need to update any forums hotlinks that I had to the missing photos.I noticed one or two missing photos several months ago, but now it seems worse. Webshots has a blog in which this was discussed a couple of times.

Of course there are lots of replies saying "so that is the latest excuse." I am not a fan of their ads, and I already have 17 media players and 29 different photo tools on my computer Maybe I will experiment with Picasa for a bit. UPDATE: the missing photos are all at least two years old, early March 2008 (beginning with the lunar eclipse in fact.) Tim I have also identified a few missing photos within the last few weeks. Meanwhile I've spent 2 hours installing and playing with Picasa tonight and it is cool - and I haven't uploaded anything yet either. I kept a nice blog of my any and winter rounds of the 48 plus the odd NE67/NEHH and I'm not relishing editing all those trip reports.While viewing other photographers' albums during the January/February time-frame I saw several warning messages on my PC that the photos on Webshots were infected with viruses.Several times I saw messages that Webshots had been identified as a dangerous website.It has now been several months since Webshots had any visible virus problems.I do not believe that the Webshots website was ever dangerous to use provided your own PC was adequately protected.

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