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Ehcache provides a number of ways to size the different data tiers using simple cache-configuration sizing attributes.These sizing attributes affect local memory and disk resources, allowing them to be set differently on each node.(翻译:调谐Ehcache常常涉及sizing cached 数据的合适性。Ehcache提供了大量的方式配置不同的数据层的大小,使用简单的cache-configuration sizing 属性。这些 sizing 属性会影响本地内存和磁盘资源,对于每个节点允许它们设置不同。) 使用ehcache向cache取值与设值示例1:public class My Data Access Class 示例3:EHCache Utils.javapackage com.ttpod.cache; /*** @class Description:ehcache工具类*/ public class EHCache Util EHCache Config.javapackage com.ttpod.cache;/*** @class Name: EHCache Config.java* @class Description:*/public class EHCache Config hibernate中的二级缓存命名缓存查询In addition, a Query Cache can be given a specific name in Hibernate using Cache Region(String name). Ehcache won't reduce the amount of garbage produced, in fact because it is doing much more work, it could produce much, much more (esp. The bottom line is Eh Cahe is using the same amount of memory as a Hash Map!For url configuration options, refer to "Adding an URL Attribute" in Terracotta Clustering Configuration Elements.Note: You must have a Terracotta 3.1.1 or higher server running locally for this example.A low hit-to-miss ratio, for example, means that the cache is not that good.

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Dynamic in this case refers to caches that are added programmatically or using the Terracotta Developer Console while the Cache Manager is running.程序中配置ehcache Differences Between Distributed Cache and Standalone or Replicated Cache Cache Managers can be configured programmatically with a fluent API.The example below creates a Cache Manager with a Terracotta configuration specified in an URL, and creates a default Cache and a cache named "example". Simply put: you should have the Memory Store large enough that it covers the bulk of the items you want cached.In general, keeping an eye on cache hits and miss will tell you a lot about the cache effectiveness.

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