Updating root zone file

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As you can see in my case several IPv6 addresses are added and on the h.even an extra IPv4 address.

Click on Apply and OK to close the Properties window.

Countries occasionally change their time zones, or alter the way they handle daylight savings time (DST).

How you access your DNS records depends on where your domain is registered and hosted.

A new window will pop up to specify the IP address or DNS name of the server to copy the Root Hints from.

To get a reliable source, go to the root server’s website and search for a IP address here.

You may not want to make this assumption on a database you care about.

You can perform the manual steps described above, including the investigation during the prepare phase and dealing with upgrade failures, for each container individually. If the script is run in parallel, some of the PDBs will be processed at the same time as the root container, so their upgrade will be interrupted by the root container shutdown/startup.

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