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I played a campaign of ET with my MX510 and with the Razer.There was around 5% acc improvement, and 30% more headshots per map.On Logitech I had it set to somewhere around the middle.On the Razer I've got it set to 4 of those line thingies.This price is way above what it should cost, but that's just my stupid country.It should average for 50 euros, someone correct me on that if I'm wrong.Package The package is really nothing special, and I'm certainly not going to waste much words on it. It comes with drivers and with 'First Edition Certificate of Ownership'. One of them beeing that the mouse would not work after you restart your PC.

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While this mouse is a great improvement, there are a few problems as well.But quite frankly the size is similar, I've included my old MX510 on a few screens for comparision.One thing I had to do was turn down the sensivity in windows.I have been using the XIM Edge with a Razer Lachesis for a few months now, but I have never been satisfied with the way it handles.I wanted to use my trusty old Razer Copperhead instead, but it doesn't seem to work with my Edge.

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