Updating ontario health card

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Health care providers, such as dentists, pharmacists and physiotherapists are not required to see your health card since their services are not typically provincially funded. It is important to note that there is a difference between that prevents an institution from requesting your health card, as long as it is made clear that disclosure is voluntary.


(1of2) To apply for OHIP, you need 3 separate, original (not photocopies/printouts of electronic documents) ID docs: - 1 that proves your Canadian citizenship/OHIP-eligible immigration status - 1 that proves you live in Ontario - 1 that confirms your identity Thank you for reaching out.

For example, if you take your child to see a dentist or buy them antibiotics, you have to pay the cost.

If you have private insurance, your insurance may help pay for these costs.

You keep part of the form and can use it as your baby’s health card until you get the plastic OHIP card later by mail.

If your baby was born in outside of Ontario, you can apply for OHIP right away, but there is usually a 3 month waiting period before they are covered by OHIP.

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