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The trim for the drawers was cut from about 16 feet of 1×3 lumber.

I originally cut the trim to cover only the drawers (like the right cabinet) but I liked it better going all the way to the side edges (cabinet on the left) so that the trim covered the rough edges of the side pieces.

For some reason, he has stacks of school papers in his closet and on the floor of his bedroom, the new desk would have to fit them all.

Four more thrift stores later, I finally stumbled across the one on the right.

A couple of months before Christmas, my youngest son tells me that he really needs a bigger desk.

The old, “This end up” desk he’s been using since he was about 5, is no longer cutting it.

Junior got the monitor for his computer, above, as a birthday present (also in December) replacing a much smaller monitor, but that only made his desk look that much smaller He needed at least as much drawer space as his old desk provided, if not more.

I was not in the mood to go to 5 more thrift stores. “You did notice that one has a bar between the drawers?

” “Of course I noticed, I got this.” (No, I hadn’t noticed that little detail, thanks for pointing that out.)Two and a half inch and three and a half inch strips were cut from the mdf.

Note: Even though the file cabinets were 2 different heights, the side molding was cut as if they were exactly the same.

The lighter file cabinet on the right will have molding that extends past the top of the cabinet.

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