Updating microchip in dog

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Remember, City law requires that a pet be microchipped and the pet's microchip be registered with the microchip manufacturer (not ACS) and contain the owner's current information.

The microchips ACS uses only “contain” the identification number for your pet.

The new ordinance went into effect for enforcement in July 2015.

San Antonio residents who live within City limits can obtain FREE microchips anytime at ACS or at any of our monthly Microchip Mania!

Residents do not have to formally register their pet's microchip with the City or ACS - microchips only need to be registered with the microchip manufacturer.

Owners whose pets have a current City license will be in compliance until those licenses expire, at which point, their pet must have a registered microchip.

Veterinary clinics and animal shelters (including ACS) use microchips that are available on the U. market—but other parts of the world and even the military use a variety of microchips with different frequencies.

That’s why Animal Care Services uses universal scanners that can “read” the varying frequencies emitted by the different brands of chips.

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The City's licensing program involved annual registration with the City including providing proof of rabies and pets wearing a An ordinance amendment was approved making a registered microchip the primary means of licensing for pets living within the San Antonio city limits.Registered microchips, like the ones Animal Care Services uses, give a lost pet the best chance of getting back home.Unfortunately, pets without microchips have a tougher time.Animal Care Services offers registered microchipping, which includes a lifetime registration FREE for San Antonio Residents.Residents who do not live in San Antonio city limits may purchase a registered microchip from the ACS Shelter located at 4710 Highway 151 for only through June 2016.

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