Updating links in indesign

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Smart designers will from time to time save their work with a slightly different file name (e.g.by adding a revision number such as _1, _2, _3 at the end).Really really smart designers store those data or that drive at another location.If you don’t do any of this yet, don’t worry: sooner or later you’ll work this way.Given its complexity, In Design is a remarkably solid application.It is not perfect though and sometimes you’ll have to perform some magic to get it working properly again.A colleague suggested creating another user account on my system.

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Short story, In Design DOES support batching, as follow: Open the Links window.

Most of us have learned about the advantages of back-ups the hard way.

This site has extensive troubleshooting sections for both Post Script and PDF output.

It will report a large number that aren't in that folder. Now repeat for each destination folder, till all files have been relinked.

Another option (although I like the Alt-click by horatio best) is to simply move/delete the files that it is currently referencing and then update one and select the checkboyx to look for other missing files in the same directore.

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