Updating ipod touch 2 2

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I've looked online, and again didn't find anything helpful for anything lower than i OS 3.1.3. Welcome to the forums The newest firmware you can update your device to is 3.1.3, although you would want to use whited00r instead because that gives you more features as well as access to the App Time Machine which has hundreds of archived applications that at one point supported 3.1.3.Either way, if you need to back up data, use this tutorial:[Tutorial] Backup Apps & Data BEFORE Upgrading i OS Firmware WD 6 3.1.3 4.1 4.2.1 You only need to backup/restore data if you want to! Open i Tunes with your device connected and select "Update" to update to stock 3.1.3 a.Once it is restored you can do the following steps 2.Download i Reb v5 for windows and whited00r 6 for your device from the Whited00r 6 for i Pod touch 1G download page3.With your i Pod connected, open up i Reb and select your device and follow the instructions on-screen until it gives you a popup saying it has completed.4. Shift click the restore button in i Tunes, and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the whited00r to, and select it.6.

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