Updating expressgate on asus

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Mine worked perfectly with these steps; it connected to the wired and wireless networks, allowed me to use a USB device and configure various settings. Started off with Asus N10 with Ubuntu Netbook remix 10.04 on a 160GB HDD.Hi, probably not exactly on topic, but is anyone aware if it is possible to replace Express Gate with another OS? Lost the XP and express gate partitions when I loaded Ubuntu from the live USB.

updating expressgate on asus-3

The command will look something like this: sudo mount.ntfs-3g /dev/sda3 /mnt where sda3 is the name of the newly created ntfs partition on my computer. The ext3 and swap partitions look something like this: d7a92374-231a-4b45-86db-abc930c5a89c (note the presence of dashes and overall length) typing 'file 43FE94EC1C4A1BAA' tells me that the UUID points to /dev/sda3 which is what I am looking for. I have just got a ASUS P5Q SE & want to use the Express Gate. I'm glad that you didn't have to create the partition at the beginning of the drive. I couldn't get Express Gate working with the methods above, so I tried a few different things and came up with this. Copy all the relevant files from /home/username/.wine/drive_c/ to your new NTFS partition. Does someone know how to get this EFI-Installation working under wine?

I'd double check the value to make sure you don't have a type... I have first partition NTFS with installed Win XP, but after short message Installing Express gate, computer continue with booting up regular OS. When I make the same on SATA harddrive, Express Gate works properly.

I didn't get that error - did you remember to set the UUID?

These were zipped so I right clicked and extracted them to my 4GB USB disk.

Then I moved these files from the USB to my c drive on wine.

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