Updating efmp status united kingdom dating 2016

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EFMP case liaisons are located throughout the fleet to provide information and referrals, individualized service plans, and case management from one duty station to the next.Special needs include any special medical, dental, mental health, developmental or educational requirement, wheelchair accessibility, adaptive equipment or assistive technology devices and services.Sailors enrolled in EFMP have always received equal consideration for assignments and promotions.

These negative perceptions are not supported by fact.Local coordinators at the nearest Military Treatment Facility can be contacted to confirm update status and timeframe." Family member status updates are required nine months prior to a Sailor's Projected Rotation Date, every three years, or whenever the enrolled member's need changes.Temporary enrollments (Category VI) must be updated within a year of assignment.DD form 2792, Exceptional Family Member Medical and Educational Summary and DD form 2792-1, Exceptional Family Member Special Education/Early Intervention Summary are used for enrollment.Successful implementation requires up-to-date information and extensive coordination between personnel, medical, educational and family support communities.

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