Updating delphi 6 personal

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Begin Read; try p Filter Version := Make Long(0, 1); p Filter Desc := 'Eggcentric Filter Loader.'; p Flags := ALL_FLAGS; Result := True; finally FDLLSync. Http Filter Proc(var pfc: THTTP_FILTER_CONTEXT; Notification Type: DWORD; pv Notification: Pointer): DWORD; begin Do Update If Needed; FDLLSync.

Begin Read; try // Check Notification bit to make sure the DLL should be called if Assigned(FCallback Proc) and ((Notification Type and FFilter Flags) 0) then Result := FCallback Proc(pfc, Notification Type, pv Notification) else Result := SF_STATUS_REQ_NEXT_NOTIFICATION; finally FDLLSync. Reload DLL; var Should Reload: Boolean; p Ver: THTTP_FILTER_VERSION; begin FDLLSync.

End Write; end; end; end; function TEgg Filter Loader.

Create; FCheck Sync := TMulti Read Exclusive Write Synchronizer.IDE Fix Pack 6.1 implements that “feature” for all previous Delphi versions (2009-10.1 Berlin) and extends it to not only eliminate duplicate dll imports but also duplicate delay dll imports.Problem/Question/Abstract: Writing Filters and updating them on the server is even more a pain in the butt than ISAPI extensions.Begin Write; try // First Determine if we really should Should Reload := (FDLL = 0) or File Exists(FUpdate DLLName); if Should Reload then begin // First unload the DLL if FDLL 0 then begin Free Library(FDLL); FDLL := 0; FCallback Version := nil; FCallback Proc := nil; end; // check for update file, if exists then rename things; if File Exists(FUpdate DLLName) then begin Sys Utils.Delete File(FBackup DLLName); Rename File(FRun DLLName, FBackup DLLName); Rename File(FUpdate DLLName, FRun DLLName); end; // Now load the file if it exists if File Exists(FRun DLLName) then begin FDLL := Load Library(PChar(FRun DLLName)); if FDLL 0 then begin FCallback Version := Get Proc Address(FDLL, 'Get Filter Version'); FCallback Proc := Get Proc Address(FDLL, 'Http Filter Proc'); if Assigned(FCallback Version) then begin FCallback Version(p Ver); FFilter Flags := p Flags; end else FFilter Flags := 0; end; end; end; finally FDLLSync. Fn_Get Module unit Fn_Get Module Name; interface uses Windows; function Get Module Name: string; implementation function Get Module Name: string; var File Name: array[0..

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