Updating database asp

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The EF Core packages required for migration will be added with . Run the following command in the Package Manager console: Data seeding allows us to provide initial data during the creation of a database.Then, EF Core migrations will automatically determine what insert, update or delete operations need to be applied when upgrading the database to a new version of the model. For this, we need to override the If we already applied a migration (or several migrations) to the database but need to revert it, we can use the same command to apply migrations, but specify the name of the migration we want to roll back to.If i refresh the page, updated data is displayed but this is not the way. It seems that every Refresh will create a new SQl Dependencies connections(not sure about this), so it will send as many request to the client as many refreshes were made by the client or even by every client connected. IIs Reset will stop all open connections, and reset them, but the problem remains.I already tried to remove from "Application_Start()" and added the following code to Messages Repository,i.e., When some change happen in the Database all pending notifications will be fired, so if you refreshed 5 time you will get 5 request on the client.Following the article linked above, let’s create a new project called Our next step is to add Code-First Migrations.

We can just make the changes in our code and then sync everything easily with the database.

The important thing to note is that the manual changes that we make to the database could be lost during migration. The article linked above covers a lot of additional topics.

You may go through the entire article if you want to, but the section linked above is quite enough to follow along with this article.

But, it's suggested to have a basic understanding of migrations.

In the same Package Manager Console, we write Update-Database command in order to apply the new migration to database. NET Zero, there are some classes to fill initial data for users and settings: So, we can add a separated class to fill some people to database as shown below: These type of default data is good since we can also use these data in unit tests.

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