Updating a sql recordset

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My thought is to have a recordset of the sites, when any 1 of the 3 (or more) "control flows" is open, update the recordset to let it know that site being actioned, when that site is complete, update the recordset that the site is completed, and so on.

The Lock Type property sets or returns a Lock Type Enum value that specifies the type of locking when editing a record in a Recordset. This property is read/write on a closed Recordset and read-only on an open Recordset.

After some difficulty upgrading it to SQL - it seems to work almost. Requery 'Read in the new topic's ID number lng Topic ID = CLng(rs Common("Topic_ID")) I really do not know - it is a Web Wiz forum & their support is pretty nill on updating from MSAccess to MSSQL.

I get this message when trying to post anything: ADODB. We downloaded the forum & I would think it would work?

I sometimes will use Add/Update when I want to do an insert using the Insert Into Table (fields....) Values (.....) command because of all the quote and comma permutations required to write the SQL string that can be parsed by Access....a PITA to write...if the data has single or double quotes it gets to be even more frustrating whileusing a recordset is easy to write and requires little or no debugging. Again, this newsgroup has provided an invaluable service with information coming from real people in an understandable format, not just from a reference book.

I know I can do this in C# but I have a business requirement to use SSIS for all ETL operations. I would like to run multiple sites at the same time, so when all files of all types are completed at that site then go on to the next site in the list.

Another factor is that any query, whether it is a SELECT or an UPDATE must first be compiled before it is run.

If you execute a SQL statement repeatedly, compiling it each time, this will be much slower than if you compile it once, then execute it multiple times.

This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype. Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. Well I finally found this: 'Set the cursor type property of the record set to Dynamic so we can navigate through the record set . -Corey Could you also post the query that populates the recordset, or, if it's just a table name, check that the ASP login (the SQL account usp by the ASP application to connect on your DB) has sufficient rights to update this table Yes - I did check the SQL user info. As far the query - I honestly would not know where to look. Melih SARICA Well it is rather long, but I posted them here: was hoping that it might be pretty easy & someone had ran into this "upgrade" in the past. -Corey In Line 588 as u see ure using the SQL statment like " str SQL = "SELECT TOP 1 " & str Db Table & "Topic.* FROM " & str Db Table & "Topic "" U cant add a new Row in to a Select Query which is used as Top clause .

Run SQL mysql 2.----------------------- set myrecordset = mydb. Execute db Fail On Error ' Takes a brief time to compile before running.

Open Recordset([tablename / sql]) myrecodset.fields("myfield") = [somevalue] myrecordset.update TIA Michelle Hi Using A2003 on XPI am wondering from the MVP's and others, what is the most efficient way (interms of time to process) of updating data in a table, using thedocmd. eg: (if you need it)1.--------------------------mysql = "Update [mytable] SET [Some Field] = [somevalue];"docmd.

Here's an example using a DAO temporary querydef from code.

Execute db Fail On Error ' Still comiled from previous Execute.

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