Updating a ceiling fan

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I have a very dear friend, who was over at my house one afternoon. She was right, it didn’t, but I didn’t think it was absolutely horrendous. I did it, Michelle, I finally did a much-needed ceiling fan makeover! Thoroughly wipe down all pieces and lay them out for painting. I used Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic Spray Paint by Rustoleum.We were chatting about what my next project would be. Remember to use several light coats, as opposed to one heavy coat.One of the reasons we bought this house was an amazing sunroom off of the kitchen/dining room.

I had to disassemble the entire fan in order to refinish it.

I must have said something along the lines of, ” I am not sure.” To which she responded. It will harden much quicker, and produce a much more even finish, without drip marks.

I didn’t really like anything about the fan, even down to the shape of the fan blades. ( You will need to have them scuffed up for the spray paint to adhere.)When prepping for paint, I needed to tape off the bulb socket to prevent paint from getting in the sockets.

But, to my delight it was only the ceiling fan blades and, whatever it is you call them, that the blades hook to the fan with.

I then taped up the electrical parts and I taped some newspaper to the ceiling.

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