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The links below point to Apple where you can download the respective version of the installer: Most users are best served by installing OS X updates through the App Store.

The combo and regular updates are generally aimed at those performing multiple installations on multiple Macs through a single download, or with the case of combo updates, who are updating from several behind prior releases (for example, from 10.11.3 to 10.11.5).

I have several systems running 10.5.5 and in conjunction with ddc/ci compliant monitors from Lacie, NEC and Samsung. All the PPC boxes no longer communicate with their respective calibration software applcations once this update has been installed.

All with their respective monitor calibration software. The ddc/ci handshake is no failing to initialize in all these packages.

The short notes attached to the 10.11.5 download suggest the update improves security, performance, and stability of the Mac operating system.

It’s unclear if the final OS X 10.11.5 release resolves the freezing Mac issue with OS X 10.11.4, as the beta versions of the update did not seem to fix that problem.

Mac users can also choose to download and install OS X 10.11.5 by using a Combo Update, or the standard update.

Wiped again, and upgraded to 10.5.4 and was back in business.

I hope 10.5.7 will bring new Nvidia drivers supporting the communication link (I heard DDC/CI works with Windows XP or Vista with the integrated nvida-chip)...

Hello Apple, only because you do not support VESA specifications for your own displays, it does not mean nobody does... Message was edited by: Christian Burkert Message was edited by: Christian Burkert Hey Christian, Turns out that 10.5.5 also breaks the DDC communication between my Nvidia card and the NEC 2690.

Do I need to create an upgrade task in e PO or just a regular task with all new ENS 10.6 components?

I'm not sure how to create an upgrade task.looking for some suggestions.

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