Udating my yard

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The GPS system works by broadcasting the location and time from each satellite.Each receiver uses trilateration to determine your location.

But that time code being is not something human readable like 2019-04-06T 0000.

EDT ( UTC), the constellation 31 active Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites will roll over the GPS week number, putting older receivers at risk of miscalculating the date back to 1999. Your GPS in your car or mobile phone should be just fine, especially if you apply system updates as they are available.

Manufacturers of older, more specialized receivers, particularly those that have not had a firmware in 10-15 years are at risk, but they have been warning users to update for years.

Andrew Gribble interviews Tori Petry from the Detroit Lions about the matchup between the two teams in their` final preseason game of 2019.

Tori talks about seeing Baker Mayfield's progression from last season as well as Matt Patricia's growth as a head coach in his second season with the Lions.

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