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Last year, Yeni Sleidi met a software developer named Asher Snyder who was fed up with what he calls the “Tinderification” of online dating.

On Tinder, users swipe right on photos of people they think are attractive and left on those they don’t like.

From the beginning, she knew it was important to allow people to identify as queer and transgender in their profiles.

The other Mesh founders, who are straight men, agreed. As soon as I explained to them why it was important, they got it,” Sleidi said.

Categories for sexual orientation are straight, gay, bisexual, or queer.This means photos are far and away the most important part of a dating profile, and Snyder complained that cuteness isn’t necessarily “an indicator of compatibility.” Sleidi appreciated Snyder’s critique and she signed on to help him create a new dating website called Mesh.Sleidi said that she is "very gay," and some of her transgender friends are uncomfortable using OKCupid.This woman is not only a jazz star and an idol of the public – she embodied great hope and was a symbol for the black population of America.Winter La Mon is a 28-year-old transgender man who lives in New York City.

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