Top 10 dating books for men

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The superior man takes the best traits of both in order to live an authentic life that women find incredibly attractive.This isn't just a "spiritual guide", there are a lot of very practical suggestions that you can begin to implement immediately.It isn't a typical dating or relationship book and isn't the most obvious recommendation for the best dating books to improve your dating life, especially with older women. Put another way, this book can greatly improve your ability to create connections with other people which greatly enable your ability to create attraction with women.Even though this book has been around for 80 years and sold over 30,000,000 copies the principles have not changed.Of all the best dating books out there, No More Mr.

A warning, this book may be a bit uncomfortable to read at times because it will really open your eyes to your current issues and behavior.

A lot of guys get hooked and devour the entire book in a day.

Instead, take your time and think about what you are learning before moving on to the next chapter.

You will have a fantastic blueprint for success that will require less work on your part if you are consistent and smart about your approach.

These are the books that have made the largest impacts on our success with older women.

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