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Why remove elk that wander out of the restoration zone?

Elk have the potential to cause crop and property damage if they occur in areas that have large amounts of row crops and/or have large numbers of people.

Also, the elk brought into Tennessee will come from areas where health surveillance has been ongoing for several years with no history of significant disease.

All of these precautions will greatly minimize the risk of any diseases being introduced into the state.

It is almost assured that many of the mature cows were also pregnant upon release.

How large an area is the Tennessee elk restoration zone?

For the safety of the animals the bulls had their antlers removed prior to transporting them to Tennessee and mature bulls were transported apart from the rest of the animals.

Also, the area has a great deal of public support for elk and had volunteer groups such as Campbell Outdoor Recreation Association, Tennessee Wildlife Federation, and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation that provided support for the restoration project. All elk released were ear tagged and fitted with radio collars so that their movements can be tracked. Similar species Moose has a large overhanging snout and brown rump. Reasons for the extinction of elk in Tennessee and elsewhere in the eastern U. are over-exploitation by man, private ownership of land and habitat destruction. There is no one specific reason that accounts for the demise of elk in Tennessee. What was the sex and age composition of elk released into Tennessee? Another source for elk was from the Elk and Bison Enclosure at Land Between the Lakes, a herd that also originated from EINP.

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